Plastisol Ink

Plastisol is likely the most commonly used ink for decorating textiles. Plastisol is a liquid plastic, which can be mixed to any PMS color, and has a great shelf life. This ink can be used for most separation techniques, and offers great opacity and longevity. The hand, or feel, of this ink can be felt on the surface of the material in almost every application, but can be minimized through the use of mesh count etc.

Discharge / Water-based Ink

Water-base or Discharge inks can be used on 100% cotton items only and offers an exceptional hand, or feel, to the final print. Water-base can be used on light colored garments, but when moving to darker garments, discharge agent is applied. This eliminates the dye in the substrate below the image, which allows the pigment to set directly on the substrate.

Specialty Ink

We offer a wide variety of Specialty Ink, from Puff and High Density, to Crystal and Metallics. Specialty inks can be used to enhance particular areas of artwork, or be used to make an impact with something different. Feel free to inquire about specialty inks! We may even offer one if we think it is applicable to your project.